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In Loving Memory of  our Beloved Husband,Father,Son,Brother,Uncle and Friend. Henry Alvarez was born in California on 02 May, 1944 and passed away on 13 March, 2012 at the age of 67. Born in San Pedro,Ca. He eventually lived in Redondo Beach and Carson. California was his home until he moved with his wife, Andrea and son, Nick, to Oregon. He attended Banning High School and went on to Harbor College. He joined the Army and served his country with pride. He was stationed in the Phillipines, working in communications. After his service in the Army he found a job working with Katherine Stuberburg. Katherine took Henry under her wing and started his career in his profession. He and his family were sent to Niagara Falls to head up Katherine's Wax business. He later moved back to California where he opened his own business, Alvarez Wax Models.  He was sought out to work as a sculptor in the movie industry working on movies such as "Legend", "The Thing",  "Explorers" and other movies (Please see for a complete list of his work).  His heart was with his own business and eventually decided to take a leave from the movie business.  Henry had many dreams, most of them came to be.  He wanted to work for Disney, work in the movie industry, and create bronze sculptures.  All of which he accomplished.  He has three bronze sculptures in the San Pedro/Harbor area.  "The Fisherman", a bust of Harry Bridges (ILWU), and The Japanese Memorial located on Terminal Island.  Henry had a following of thousands who looked to him as a friend and a mentor.  He was always helping others in the business as well as with their personal life.  He had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting people with similar artistic abilities, which was a great joy to him.  Henry was very personable and well liked among his many friends.  He never had a discouraging word for anyone and always seeing the best in everyone.  When Henry moved to Oregon, he found his calling on this earth!  He loved the open land, the beauty of the trees, the colors of the sky, even if the clouds were blue or a storm was raging.  He saw the beauty in everything.  The colors of each season brought him joy.  He truly was in his element.  Planting trees and growing vegetables.  This is where his heart was.  He was truly blessed beyond messure.  He was faithful in sending out photos of all that he seen.  He wanted to share the beauty he was seeing.   Henry was diagnosised with mesothelioma.  He was sure he was going to beat this.  He said he was okay with this.  He said that whatever happens he was prepared to accept his fate.  One thing about Henry, his life was full of Love!  He was a man that would emit love to everyone, especially the kids.  Kids loved him.  They could feel the genuine love he had for everyone.  He was respected by his nephews and nieces and anyone that had the pleasure of meeting him.   He was the inspiration to our family.  All of his family are very proud of him and his accomplishments.  He was our role model.  Henry loved many things in life.  His family, friends, sculpting, art, music and fishing. He loved taking photos.  We will miss Henry and will never forget him.  He will be in our heart forever. Many generations from now, Henry will be mentioned.  He might not be walking on this earth, but his memory will be around forever!

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I miss Henry and our reminiscences of the HWM   / Mindi Reid (friend)
I feel so privileged to have counted Henry as my friend...and mourn his absence more than ever. I hope he will look down and be proud of me when I finally get a piece about the Hawaiian Wax Museum finished and published in the Hawaiian Journal of Hi...  Continue >>
A great host!   / Eliot Brodsky (friend)
I had the pleasure of meeting Henry at his Long Beach Studio in 2000. I brought my son Jack with me, he was seven . We had a great time looking at all his sculptures and the life mask collection. What was to be a one hour visit turned in to...  Continue >>
My thoughts on my friend and teacher Henry Alvarez   / Darren Roberts (Friend)
A person is lucky if they meet someone like Henry even once in their lifetime. Henry was my mentor, my friend and like a second Dad to me. The first time I was invited to Alvarez Wax Models to meet with Henry, I felt like a kid at Christmas. Sculp...  Continue >>
An inspiration   / Bill Hunt
Mr. Alvarez's work is simply stunning and inspirational, and has, without a doubt, influenced and shaped a generation of sculptors, designers and effects artists. He progressed the art form and will be dearly missed.
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